a joy

Anger and selfishness are the dark sides of a relationship I tried to explore.
Everything is distorted according to this exclusive perspective: taking what we need from the ones we love.
It took me a week to set up the whole place, looking for garbage in the dump. It's hard to find useful garbage though.

Still shut down but about to be awoken. A foreboding scream..

The tv-tower sequence. Having been tied up with wires for hours for the opening sequence our actor enjoys freedom of movement.

I found this lovely bug the third morning of shooting, while waiting for the crew to join me on the set.
I couldn't believe my luck! I wanted a bug and had no idea were to get one and there it was!
Unfortunately the bug was shy and didn't perform very well..
A cable is tearing his skin apart but he's not complaining.
I always get the best guys to work with.

A big thank you to all who helped me on this project and contributed with their work and ideas as well.
And thanks to the actors too for their endurance.
I hope you've enjoyed doing this as much as I did.

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