"Sunday videos" are a complement to Sunday Songs.

Every once in a while the Sunday Collective gathers (a gathering of talents for sure) and as a result of way too much spare time a Sunday Song is created.
The only rule to the Sunday Songs is that they have to be done in one single sunday evening.
There was a second rule: that every song must contain a line going "nanananana", but, as much as I loved that rule, it's been rejected.
I couldn't stand not contributing to all of this so I proposed that there was going to be a Sunday Video too!

Sunday Video #1: Io sono Azza

azza This song is for our friend Azza.It's his birthday present.
As he was sick in bed we had a party and made him a song.
The video is about Azza being chased around the house. Because we had Franchino playing as Azza, just to make it clear and because we can never be too silly we put a sign on him saying "I am Azza", which was eventually chosen as the song's title.
The video includes an extremely long section showing how the song was made, which I'm sure you couldn't care less!

To all english speaking folks: please note that Fabulous's singing that-sounds-like-english-but-rarely-is is intended and is our way of making fun of ourselves and our inability to speak proper english.

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